Owned and Loved by Tim & Vicki Jones

May 23, 1993 to Sept 30, 2008

Tag was so fill of life, she lived to retrieve anything she could find and she found lots.
She had this way of making everybody love her, maybe it was that her tail wagged
wildly all the time or her always happy, fun attitude, her those cute little bat ears. Her
nicknames were Wagit or Wags and she lived up to them all.

Tag had an excellent competitive career becoming the second Border Collie in Canada
(the first bitch) to earn her NAHRA hunting title and did it by qualifying 6 out 6 trials,
brass banding and qualifying for the regionals. She had an amazing desire to work and
a loyalty that is undeniably outstanding.

Tag was definitely our little tag along for her 15 1/2 years we got to enjoy her. I sure
miss the sound of her little feet in the morning coming to wait me up and her undying
love, even in the end her face lit up and her tail never stop wagging every time she saw
us, she stole everybody heart and we REALLY miss her. She just was a cool dog.
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