Am & Int'l CH U-CD Clan-Abby NZ's Kiwi-Angel

Owned & Loved by Tim & Vicki Jones

AUST & NZ GR CH Clan-Abby Phantom-Of-Love X NZ CH Secret- Affair O

July 19, 1996 to Oct 14, 2008

Kiwi was imported from New Zealand in late 1996 to take on a Canadian winter. She
soon gained her American & International Championships easily as well as her United
Kennel Club CD title. Kiwi was the proud mother of many amazing puppies all over
North America and has done Outburst proud. She loved to send her retired day’s sun
tanning with her 4 feet up in the air and chasing gophers.

Kiwi had this amazing expression that as soon as anybody seems her face their first
comment was "ah isn't she cute" and she loved it. She played the cute, innocent, sweet
little princess well. She loved any pats or cuddles she could get, did not like getting her
feet dirty and if it was her choice, lie on the couch and watch TV all day. But when
Kiwi decided something it would take A LOT of convincing to change her mind. I
always believed she thought she was royalty, but then again to us she was. We miss that
sweet face, that sweet temperament but feel so very grateful to be given a chance to love
and cherish this wonderful girl. We will always remember you and miss you.
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